At the beginning


I have returned to study. After a glorious year of living in France, spent breathing in freedom, adventure and indulgence, I have returned to the bosom of education and advancement.

Not that this is a bad thing. I have enrolled in a Master of Communication and as part of my course I am developing an ID Hub. Those less skilled in Communication than I (alas the one-upping begins)  may not be aware that this is a multitude of social media tools channeled towards creating a strong identity and presence online.

One tip I have absorbed thus far in my Master is that it is important to have a clear idea of message, who you are and how you wish to portray yourself. This, I believe, is a tall order when you consider that many of us do not know what we believe and stand for day to day, let alone laying it down in cool hard text and immortalising it.

I also feel I am facing another dilemma, faced perhaps by others of a similar age. My identity and my outlook are focused around my personality.

In general, although never before 10 am, I am a lively, interested and passionate person and I apply this to  life. My attitudes and identity change as new topics, ideas and subjects appear and appeal to me.

This then is my identity. A patchwork of life subjects and I hope that over the semester and the year I will be able to write about something different. Always.

I will be tying this together with a weekly updates of recipes, each with an alphabetical principle ingredient.  The variety and spice of life summarised in food and emphasised with articles about whatever interests me.


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